Financing My Trip

Some of you might not know it, but money does tend to play an important part of any Travel Arrangement!

Sources of Travel Income:

  1. Aluminum Cans
  2. Deposit on cans and bottles
  3. Money found behind seat cushions
  4. Panhandling on the street (not advised as the fine for panhandling exceeds the profits)
  5. Borrowing from relatives and friends
  6. Stopping the wife from shopping in IKEA
  7. Having a sensible talk with my teenage children about money responsibility
  8. Buying an occasional Lottery Ticket, with the correct numbers
  9. Income Tax Refunds
  10. Other non disclosed sources of income

You might recognize some or all of the above sources, and have had more or less success with them!

I’m afraid the less is the more for me, which is why I’m hoping for some sort of Fund Raising Event on the Internet, which would help to finance my long-awaited trip down my Inner Ear?

I would have added “Giving Blood”, but that is not an option for gaining wealth in Denmark!

I’ve also left out my income from my job, as the first 8 items combined with my wages, tend to give a negative balance each and every month when perusing my bank account!

Either I’m earning too little, or spending too much, which tends to make Jack a dull boy, if my name was Jack, that is!

I’ll get back to you on this one, at least if my friends and relatives decide to reestablish contact with me, and cease sending me the nasty text messages to my Cellphone!

I Love my Family!




3 thoughts on “Financing My Trip

  1. Good luck! You might want to try stupid bets with co-workers too…. I won a great deal of money eating strange things and doing weird stuff before my trip. Good for your wallet, and entertaining for the staff. Win win!


    • I would do such things if this had been a site with whimsy and humor, but with the serious topics that I deal with, there would be no need to insult the intelligence of my co-workers, or the readers of this blog!


      • It certainly wasn’t my intention to insult anyone’s intelligence here. I guess I just got carried away with my will to be somewhat helpful. My deepest apologies to you and any co-worker and/or reader that might have been offended by my downright lack of seriousness… to make it up, may I propose trying the stock market ? That sounds quite serious šŸ˜‰


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