Travel Plans

The most important thing for me is taking the time to prepare my trip thoroughly.

Here is my first list:

  1. Things not to take
  2. The right clothing
  3. The necessities

Number 1 is the thing that I have dealt with over my many years of traveling, and haven’t learned how to solve as yet. By far Books encompass most of my most unnecessary items, and this trip shouldn’t be any exception to the rule!

I always have the best of intentions while selecting my books. They should be those subjects that I haven’t managed to read while at home, and most certainly won’t get to read them, while on my upcoming vacation! Foreign language books and maps that don’t concern my upcoming trip are perhaps the most important, and heavy items that I won’t be taking, but most assuredly will find their way into my suitcases all the same. The most important is Montréal by Fodor. This is an important map and tourist guide which is rich in the culture of Canada, but won’t be any good to me whatsoever, while I am braving the rapids of my Inner Ear!

Number 2 is the clothing that I’ll be packing. I try to take the clothing that my wife would never want to catch me dead in, which is a pretty good argument for me to include in my book laden suitcases. If I never had those things on at home, then I most certainly won’t want them along with me on my trip, but will be tempting as they will be the things, that are allowed to be left behind, and wondered about when searching my bags for the wrong thing to wear. “Where is my Donald Trump T-shirt?”, I might ask myself. Oh, that was what I cleaned the oars with, and it managed to fall over the side of the boat in that Nor’easter that I encountered on my first day on the high seas of my Inner Ear! “Did you cry crocodile tears, when it happened, some might ask?”

“No, I had a spare shirt that I used to clean the bottom of the boat with, if the need arises”, I’d say!

Number 3 are the necessities which any traveler would include on their journey: Toothpaste tubes without any toothpaste, a broken mirror and a camera with dead batteries in it! Extra batteries? Yep, I took those along, but they were the wrong sizes and dead as well! An oversized map is always a crowd pleaser, and something that might just give me more wind in my sails, if opened at the wrong moment! My Certificate of Proficiency for operating a seaworthy vessel is a must, but it would impress others even more, if I had indeed passed the final exam! I hope the buoys are colored correctly, otherwise I’ll be wishing that I had passed that exam with flying colors!

I’ll be working on my list over the next few weeks, as there will surly turn things up that I had forgotten along the way.

The excitement it beginning to get to me, but I know that in the end, everyone will be wishing me Bon Voyage, or something else suitable, perhaps choosing a similar saying in French as well!



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