Mapping My Travel Possibilities

Here is a map of California:

ca map

Courtesy of.

I thought that the line at the bottom of the State was a rather straightish road, and could be a nice way of beginning my journey, but it turns out to be the border between California and Mexico! Thoughts of being shot at by Border Guards, or having hopeful hoards of New Americans trying to hitch a ride, has dissuaded me from selecting this route.

The next line above the first, leading out of Los Angeles, will take me to the California town of Yuma. After zooming in on Google Maps, I discovered that Yuma is actually in Arizona, and again quite close to the Mexican border:


It seems as if California is determined to lead unsuspecting visitors out of the State, for some unexplained reason?

If you are stranded in your thoughts of Yuma, then there actually is a song about this fine town:

My third route would lead me up along the eastern side of the State, which seems to be rather scenic, but

ca nev

It turns out that that route leads out of California into Nevada! I admit to not drawing the perfect route, but it is just an attempt to investigate the possibilities.

I would really like to visit more of the State, than just the middle part, which is only miles and miles of agricultural land!

I remembered a song from my childhood, which told of a magical place, close to Los Angeles, actually just 26 miles away:

It is a catchy tune, and I wouldn’t be surprised if you will be humming it yourself, after having tried out my link to Youtube?!

I’ve mapped out my route, and those 26 miles = 41 kilometers.


Now if you are a perfectionist, then you should be singing:

41 kilometers across the sea, Santa Catalina is waiting for me……

I’ll be putting it on my list of things to see, while in California!…..




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