Car Rental While Traveling- An Idiot’s Guide

Hit me with a sock filled with horse manure! That is an old Danish saying about paying extra for things, you don’t know anything about….Car Rental for one!

Our lives are filled with abbreviations. One of these areas is that of Car Rental. I’ve perused a number of websites, both in Danish and in English, and I can honestly tell you, that I am equally confused with both languages.

Extra this and that, Insurance to cover your Dog’s dental work in case of fight with foreign dog. That might just be prudent, seeing as how they won’t be speaking the same language, while we are out and about in the wilds of California!

The most important terms are listed here, with their explanations:


CMM is by far the most important, but let us not hurry this along, without hearing all of the facts!

TOL is short for Trip Of Lifetime. This is the first argument to consider when renting a car. TOL is an argument which supersedes all others, with the wife mentioning things like “2nd Honeymoon”, or “You promised me…..” probably when I was drunk, or in Love, or something like that!

OLO is short for Only Live Once. This is the perfect justification for using more money on your trip, especially concerning your car rental, knowing that this might turn out to be the trip of a lifetime? Wonder Dog will probably be using that one on me, knowing how hard it is to scrape together so much money once again, what with the cost of living and the high level of taxation in Denmark.

PTN means Paying Through Nose – which is a rather painful thing to do. Regardless of your many choices for getting around, the people at the car rental agencies will always have their Ace in the Hole argument, like: What if you hit a School Bus filled with young children, whose parents were Lawyers? It might also be PUOSU – Put up or shut up, which is about the same thing, no matter who you are!

The final abbreviation, CMM is a classic abbr. meaning Cost More Money. No matter what you decide on, or how many different arguments you’ve had with your sensible side, you’ll still end up PTN, even though this trip is TOL, and occurs just OLO!

CMM and bear it, or give up the whole idea about traveling and car rental, and find your favorite Harry Potter Book in German/Danish/French and enjoy Denmark in the Autumn….


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