Staying with Family While Traveling

The most perfect scenario for me is my Family living in California!

I’ve already covered the other forms of Accommodation, but the best by far is staying with your loved ones!

My 2 nieces and my Sister and Brother in-law all living in the Golden State, waiting for me to visit them, allowing me to spend some quality time with them, while saving money at the same time!

I’ve asked them to spread out with one of them living in LA, one in San Francisco and one in another scenic area, perhaps in the Eastern part of the State.  I don’t think that it’s too much to ask, seeing as how my Epic Journey only comes once in a lifetime!

So what do they do? They live in and around the same area, within a stone’s throw of each other!

Family! Bah!


In San Francisco? Nope!

The Eastern Sierra? Guess again!

Near Los Angeles? Not on your life!

Raisins. Cotton Fields, Hot Central Valley. Breadbasket of America! Where else, but Kerman?


Kerman. Population 13544 (2010 Census),_California

They haven’t confirmed my suspicions as yet, but then where else could they be?

I’ve tried calling them, but only have been getting the Kerman Telephone Operator (they only have one), who has told me that new flatlanders are moving to Kerman all of the time.

Are they just ashamed to tell me about their whereabouts, or do I need to drive up and down the state looking for them?

Now you might understand better, why journeying down my Inner Ear is necessary to keep  my sanity!

Family! Bah!



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