The Validity of Writing a Travel Blog

Now that I’ve started writing this Travel Blog, there have been issues that concern the validity of such an undertaking.

Are my sources reliable? Am I projecting the correct image? Is this blog of any value at all, or just the purest form of Time Killing?

I guess, it’s up to the individual to answer those questions. My aim is just to express the things in and around me while I kill 3 weeks somewhere else on this planet, then where I otherwise kill time. Wonder Dog is satisfied being with me, but then that is the purpose of having a dog, companionship. My wife will remain in Denmark, keeping the home fires burning, not reading my blogs like normal, which is no more than I would have expected her to do!

I’ve been touching on the subjects concerning Trip Preparation and Trip Anticipation for the most, but those subjects are mine and mine alone, as I don’t normally subscribe to other blogs gleaning ideas from those blog sites. I’m certain that others, who do this on a daily basis, are getting a good laugh from my attempts at jump in on the genre of Travel Blogging, but then it is only down my Inner Ear, and not a lot of people write about that, do they?

Wonder Dog seems to have an itch, which keeps waking him up, so I guess I’d better get moving on this day, and help us both to get the necessary exercise before the Great White Bird Alights in a few weeks!

God Rejse!

Happy Traveling!


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