A Rye Bread Odyssey

Danes that travel outside of the Kingdom of Denmark usually only miss one thing while on their journey – Danish Rye Bread!

Danes abroad wait in hopeful expectation for a traveler, perhaps a friend of the family, who has this precious commodity with them when they visit other places on the globe.

So why have I tempted fate today and finished off the very last piece of Rye Bread that existed in the house? I didn’t even ask if anyone wanted the last morsels, before I did, which boggles the mind knowing what I know about life in Denmark!

I almost feel it to be my duty, when visiting the States, to take a good portion of Danish Rye Bread with me to distribute it among the many needy American Danes, who miss it more than their next of kin! Just think of it: I would be like Santa Claus, who as everyone in Denmark knows lives in Greenland and not in Finland, like those Finns want the rest of the world to believe!

In the background, I can hear the others searching for the last crumbs of Rye Bread. “Wasn’t it here yesterday?” they’d say. “Did the dog eat it?” What will we do now, when all of the stores are closed and I’m starting to suffer from Rye Bread Withdrawl?”

The panic turns to weeping, then rage. The trash can is searched for the missing bread wrapper, while Wonder Dog points the way to the Blog Writer! “Given away by Man’s Best Friend!” I’d have to hoof it out of the nearest window, having to pound the pavement knocking on each and every one of the neighbor’s doors, pleading and begging for a morsel of Rye Bread.

On the other side of the door, I’d hear”Don’t open the door, it just goes to show you what kind of Riff Raff has moved into the neighborhood, sullying our Danish Standards with American ones. The shame of it, knowing how the rest of the Danes that man holds captive are in fact yearning for a good piece of Rye Bread, while he gloats away with his Lilly White Bread, lacking all of the moral fiber of a good Danish Rye, leading the others down the road of wreck and ruin!”

If only I hadn’t let my hunger get the best of me! If only I had held out a bit longer! If only…..

It is called Rugbrød in Danish. They have a saying here: kært barn har mange navne (Success has many fathers), which means that the true rye bread, the truth of the Danish Way of Life, The Ultimate Truth, boils down to Rye Bread.

No matter what you choose to call it!

Maybe I’ll have to order an extra suitcase to carry the extra rugbrød for the journey. I might just win their hearts in the end after all……


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