Travel Checklist – First Draft

  1. Money – Pulas, Dollars, Disney Dollars
  2. disney dollars - mickey
  3. Credit Card. Hopefully one with credit on it!
  4. Maps – Botswana + Yuma Arizona + Mexico + Santa Catalina Island
  5. Cell Phone plus charger. If found before trip start.
  6. Passport
  7. Suitcases. 1 for each of us. Wonder Dog carries his own.
  8. Wonder Dog – Man’s Best Friend
  9. iPhone 23 july 2016 006
  10. Travel Socks – Fuzzy one that resemble the Canadian Type
  11. Clothing for a warmer place. In the lesser sense of things.
  12. Empty promises = Traveling light
  13. Trinkets for the locals
  14. Wild Expectations – Change last name to Wild when in restaurants: “Table for Wild Party of 4”.
  15. Daydreams
  16. Telephone numbers to people, who don’t remember who I am
  17. Password to WordPress site
  18. Passwords to: Facebook, and other non-essential Internet nonsense
  19. International Driver’s License – for convincing Liquor Store Personal that I am over 21 years of age.
  20. Projected view of Inner Ear if I lose my way (If bread crumbs are not available).ear
  21. Haircut – to reduce Wind Drag
  22. Lapel Pin – American Flag, or Canadian Flag, or Danish Flag as the situation calls for it
  23. Camera
  24. Essential Papers – Plane Tickets, Alfred E. Neuman for President bumper sticker bumpstick_mad
  25. Dog Food (might have to be moved up to higher priority)

Preliminary list – to be updated……




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