Travel Checklist pages 1,2,4…

Where is page 3?

Everything is on my table. Everything.

Just not page 3 of my travel checklist.

Page 4 is rather thin, probably due to the Brainstorm I got while writing page 3.

Sometimes when I am out and about in the backyard, there are various “non-outside” papers lying about. I have a young dog of less than one year of age, who is the prime suspect.

His mind is not on traveling as much as mine, which gives him time for “Monkey business”.

Plastic, paper, and shoes are hot items for him. If he could speak, I’d ask him, politely of of course, if per chance he had seen page 3 of my checklist?


“Did you say Cola bottle?”

No. Page 3….


“Don’t you think it’s time for a walk?”, he says changing the subject.

Not until I’ve found page 3!

“Oh that”.

“Happy now?”, he says with his tail wagging. “Now we can go…..”


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