Visiting the USA via Montréal

Originally written 15 March 2016. This was a blog which only existed in the pre-planning of my Epic Journey. Wonder Dog was not considered at this point in time, but in looking back, on this as yet unpublished blog, I can’t really imagine a trip without him!

I’m planning a trip to the USA in September. Usually I’d fly directly over Greenland, but a friend of mine in Montréal has asked, if I could make a detour on my way.

If I flew directly from Denmark to California then the flight time is 11 hours, 22 minutes.

aal to sac

Source: Google Maps

I’m afraid my friend will have to accept that she’d need to travel a bit to the North of Montréal, and either rent a hot air balloon, or wave determinedly in my direction as the plane passed overhead. The Aviation Authorities in Canada might not see eye to eye with her, and tell her so, or imprison her after they’ve told her so. This might just make our friendship null and void, unless she is able to continue chatting with me while in the hoosegow?

The next option is to fly from Denmark to Montréal.

aal to mont

Source: Google Maps

This would be acceptable for my friend, but not necessarily for my wife. I might have to stretch the truth, telling my wife that we needed to stop off in Montréal for gas, or French newspapers, which ever sounds the most plausible at the time. My friend is a woman, you see and for some reason my wife is not as much a Free Thinker, as she otherwise professes to be, when I mention other women. I might just add that it would greatly add to my knowledge of the French language, and would be considered a Cultural Exchange, if we need to go way out on a limb in explaining my unnecessary detour!

The next option would be for me to travel from Montréal to California. Google Maps has provided the following suggestion for me:

mont to sac

Source: Google Maps

For some reason or another, this map shows not only the flight path, but the route via Interstate 80 across the USA. The yellow symbols denote road work, the exclamation marks are traffic problems, while the red symbols show traffic accidents. I think the driving time might just cut into my vacation time a bit, with a 43 Hour non-stop drive across the USA from Canada. Perhaps, it is to show my friend in Montréal, how she can accompany me on I-80, then catch the quicker flight back again to Montréal? This option is also concerned with Wife Approval, and/or the ability to convince my wife of 27 years, that I am still to be trusted on a cross-country trip together with a woman over 20 years my junior!

I haven’t finalized my plans as yet, so as they say in some circles”The cards are still on the table”. My wife hasn’t as yet professed a personal opinion on the people of Canada, the citizens of Montréal, or if she should pull the plug on my PC for associating with a younger person of the female gender? It might just be due to her secret desire to visit Canada, but not wanting to Rain on my Parade, by adding her wishes to mine.

Marriage is a funny thing you see, also after so many years. We respect each other’s things, and don’t question each other about latent tendencies like secretly quilting the blue and white flag of Québec, while the other person is completely unaware of that fact. I had hoped to stumble upon it in my many travels, while cleaning the house, but I guess my wife is more clever than I had thought!

The most important thing is my trip to the USA, despite hot air balloons, wife difficulties, or the constant battle of traversing the USA, while there are traffic accidents near Kalamazoo Michigan! I might have to take a few of the surface roads, probably ending up in Roanoke Virginia, or something, but then the Autumn colors on the Eastern Seaboard are not to be missed out on!

So, cross your fingers and toes, and take up a collection for me in your local church in the event that I happen to break down on the way through your town. I am partial to Fried Chicken and potatoes, but anything will do in a pinch! I’m not sure what my traveling companion prefers to eat, but as I said all the plans have not been finalized as yet.

Bon Voyage, or Happy Hunting, God Tur, or perhaps, Slow down when asked to do so, due to road work.

I can’t wait. I can’t……




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