Here’s Looking Up Your Old Address

Wow, so many years have gone by since I thought about my old friends. A few good ones from High School aren’t easy to come by, but are they really out there, somewhere?

I’ve already failed to find my first true love, but who knows, she might sense my presence when I am in Los Angeles anyway?

The next best thing was my friend of many years. We’ve grown apart with time, me being in Denmark, while he is……just where is he?

Luckily for Americans, or those who want to find someone in the States, there are a number of ways to do so.

I could search for criminal offenses, etc. just by paying the measly sum of $22.86 every month, until I no longer have the need for digging up dirt on my old friends/lovers!

I couldn’t answer truthfully about my old friend’s Gender. Who know who he/she might be today?

Then I tried the next website:

white pages

Funny thing. The white pages, I used to know, didn’t cost anything! I guess times change.

I tried to look up the background on Wonder Dog. You never know!

search5 wonder dog

Unfortunately, Denmark was not listed as a possibility, so I guess I’ll have to accept his explanation about his past at face value!

If you wanted to find someone in Denmark, it is even harder.


Here, you merely type in the name of the person you are seeking


and the information will be presented, Free of charge. You’ll also be shown a Google Map with the location of his/her residence.

The Gender is not necessary, and you won’t be able to access their criminal record, or activity on the Social Media sites.

I’m sorry, but that’s how it is in Denmark….

I only wish my old friends from High School had come from Denmark! Then it would have been easy to find them, and I could have asked themselves about their current Gender, without it costing me a monthly fee.

And remember, Denmark has Democracy as well!


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