My Traveling Legs

The last time my Traveling Legs were active in Los Angeles was in 1991. Not a particularly memorable year, unless you were a fan of the Gulf War?

They were younger then, and so was I. I was just passing through on my way to Denmark.

usa tour 1991

My Danish wife wanted to see a bit more of the USA, before we moved to Denmark, so I made a few plans and the above map shows our route.

8966 kilometers was the final total, more or less, with our final minutes spent at the International Airport in Washington DC. There are 2 of them, but I don’t remember which one we departed out from?

My Danish Father in-law convinced us to take our Dodge Dart Sport 1972 with us, but not on the same plane! It was left at the docks in Baltimore, ready for its trip across the Atlantic! I wonder what my mother would have said, if she still were alive that is, when hearing about her prized Dodge, becoming Danish so late in its life?


Here it is enjoying a quiet moment in the Eastern Sierra Region of California, where I will soon be walking down Memory Lane together with Wonder Dog! If only I could locate that very rock and use some quality time contemplating on it, remembering what that car meant to me and wondering where it is spending its last days, somewhere here in Denmark?

But cars and legs are two very different means of transportation, and memories are not always what they are cracked up to be! That rock might not be there anymore, which would make my tired legs a bit sad about not being able to attain closure!

Some readers would like to think of a woman they once knew, while others would like to think that she is there waiting for me to let us take up where we left off, all those years ago. If only she remained that young lass of my youth, then me being not very much different through all of the years that have separated us, then we could take up where we left off, that fateful day in 1978!

Actually, she was driving me crazy and I wanted to end our relationship, but she wouldn’t take no for an answer. She tracked me down at my Sister’s house in Northern California, where I lived a blissful existence without many bills, or cares in life. I told her that I’d be contacting her again, but threw her number out as soon as she hung up her phone.

What you might ask, does this have to do with my “Epic Journey Down My Inner Ear?” Well, I tried contacting her via Facebook to say, “Hold onto your Surgical Stockings Baby, your Lover Boy is coming home at last! Alas her Facebook Profile disappeared and hasn’t come up for air, while my plans progress toward my upcoming visit. It’s good that I’ll still have the company of Wonder Dog, helping me to forget my first love those many years ago!

I might still drive by her house, and remember how her mother never cared for me, or how she used to drive a yellow Ford Mustang, which probably would be worth mega-bucks at this time in our lives. She might have ended up being Mrs Me, while I would have ended up wondering if there really was life outside the fabulous City of Montebello? And probably being just as henpecked as any other poor schmuck after having being married for so many years!

My legs might hurt a bit as we drive on by, but the callouses I had back then, have given way to their sons and grandsons, so I don’t think any of my current aches and pains were related to walking down Memory Lane!

No more Dodge Dart Sport, and no more Love of My Life.

I’ll just have to enjoy my visit anyway……

Wonder Dog just barked and scratched himself, which makes it all right for the both of us….





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