A Dog’s Guide to Traveling – Dog Food

Wonder Dog and I were at the local pet food store today in order to buy provisions for our upcoming trip.


I thought it was way too difficult selecting the best type of Dog Food, but WD (abbreviated) was certain in his convictions.

The Store Employees were a bit skeptical about our long discussions concerning the best food for my 4-footed friend, but we do need to consider each others opinions, lest we be reduced to mere animals!

At this juncture, WD has raised his paw to show his disdain with my callous comments about the Animal World. “Not Politically Correct” is something which he seems to say, just not having the exact words to express his thoughts. I sometimes forget that he too is an animal, but then in the wider sense of things, so am I!


Here is a photo of some of the many bargains that tempted us today, while shopping for the best Dog Food available. I said that %50 savings were at the right price, but he said that there were just so many squeaky footballs that one dog could use, which made us pass on by those otherwise good deals!

After our excursion, I had to leave him for a while in order to do some of the many errands, before we leave on our Epic Journey in 1½ weeks. Upon my arrival at home again, I knew he would be eternally happy, when I finally let him out of his waiting area (the bathroom).

Here are 3 photos showing how clever he is using his nose to escape to freedom.

The inside of the bathroom is a different story.


I’ve had to fasten this piece of plastic on the door jamb, where he had managed to scratch his way through the paint to the wood below. WD is never a happy camper, when locked in the bathroom, but the house is at least secured from shredded papers, and other dog antics while we are out and about!

WD has insisted before I end this blog to show a photo of the Dog Food Store:

maxi zoo

There might have been a few other things inside, other than those for dogs, but they are not worth mentioning here.

Now the task is organizing the many things that we have purchased for the trip, which is one of the hardest things of all. It is something, which I am not looking forward to, but I’m sure everything will fall into place, before we have to leave.

I’m expecting Wonder Dog to keep me on the straight and narrow….

doggys toys

He does have his things in their proper place, after all…



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