Time Zone in California – Minus 9 Hours

I am currently existing + 9 hours in the future from California. I have lived my life being 9 hours ahead of my family for these many years now, having to project my thoughts backwards when thinking if they are awake, or sleeping or…

What are things like in the future, you might ask? Well, actually, I don’t remember how they were in the past, thinking only my future thoughts, but I imagine that most people would like to look ahead instead of behind?

Confused yet? Well, don’t worry about that. I am too! When I travel to California, I’ll be living my life at minus 9 hours from the rest of Denmark. 9 Hours! I’ll have to look ahead to them, and they will have to think back to me. I’m not comfortable being in the wrong Time Zone, or that they might be in the right one?

Wonder Dog is looking confused at me, while thinking my future/past thoughts. He is oblivious to the changes in time and space. He might just be from the future, which is why he takes this difference of 9 Hours in stride? If only he could speak, then I might just be able to learn about the dim future, and what it holds for the 2 of us. However, he might be under some sort of secrecy act, which limits his contact with his past owners, or owners in the past?

I’ve never even tried writing a blog in the past before. I should try to think in past thoughts, not only being what I now remember to be as memories, but only images that have happened this morning, which is now evening, and my counterparts in California being somewhere in the early afternoon. I only wish, I thought of them at 1 pm this afternoon, and told them that in 9 hours, which is now, then I’d be thinking of them again, but in a future way!

Wonder Dog has gone to sleep, which is the signal for me to do the same. I didn’t even get to touch on the relationship to Time Zones in QuĂ©bec, but Wonder Dog told me with the wag of his tail, that we didn’t want to go down that Time Zone, at this point in time.

That might just have been a Dog Funny, “at this point in time” but I might never know if he was laughing deep down inside, under all that fur.

That will be for my Future Self to discover, someday in the future, that is…..



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