The Ancient Sneeze of the Dog

Wonder Dog has been troubled by sneezing as of late. It seems like something has rubbed him the wrong way, in his nose anyway.

Sneezing is a funny thing. We all know about that tickling sensation in our nostrils, then the knowledge that something is on its way. Sneezes are rather playful, deciding to hesitate in completing the final sneeze, causing frustration with the person, or dog for this matter, to get the job done, once and for all!

Another sneeze is on its way. He looks perplexed, but can’t seem to get it out of his system. He chooses to give himself a  good shake instead. It’s amazing how much sand can hide in his fur. Funny though. It doesn’t look like Danish sand at all.

“Ah. Ah-Giza!” Now the sneeze has escaped at last. What a funny thing to say for a dog?

I’d better look this one up on the Internet:

Egyptians considered the sneeze a kind of internal oracle that warned them in times of danger and foretold future good or evil. Sneezing to the right was considered lucky; to the left, unlucky.(

Hmm. I wish, I’d known that before he sneezed. I didn’t see if it was to the left, or to the right? Was that from his vantage point, or mine?

Ah-Choo is familiar to me, but Giza?

Wonder Dog considered the sand under his paws. dune sand giza

Close up, it looks like any other type of sand, but is it? (Sand from Giza, Egypt)

When in California, we’ll be close to Stinson Beach, north of San Francisco.


Nope, they are not the same. Wonder Dog is looking over my shoulder at sand number 2, which makes him sneeze again. Ah-choo! Now that sounded normal to me.

What exactly is Giza?

The Great Pyramid of Giza (also known as the Pyramid of Khufu or the Pyramid of Cheops is found there! (

Funny thing to sneeze for a Danish Dog, but I’ll be doing my best to teach him how to sneeze California Style!

dk to egypt

Perhaps his sneezing was an omen? Should we be traveling to Giza instead?

If only, I had seen if he sneezed to the left, or to the right……




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