Travel Triangulation

I’ve been trying to map out my trip to California using the most sophisticated methods available today: Google Maps and Paint in Windows 10!

Here is my dilemma:


I just can’t seem to make my trip fit within the above triangle! I’ve pulled at the one end, and prodded at the other 2. Then the Eastern part of the state fits, but San Francisco gets cut off on the left hand side!

I guess, a right triangle doesn’t work, so I tried another one:


Now we are really getting nowhere! San Francisco doesn’t want to cooperate with the Eastern Side of the state, but other than the Pacific Ocean getting a lion’s share of the triangle, most of the high points are included in this version!

paint tools

I could always try a new shape, but I’m afraid that it just gets worse all the time!


Looking through a glass darkly. I’m afraid, I’ll have to find another method for mapping my trip?

It does contain all of the highlights, but without the Itinerary, which is another unfinished blog, you won’t really get the picture. The real picture, that is.

You might try printing it and cutting along the colored lines. You might make it fit better than I could, but remember, I won’t be visiting Bakersfield, or Visalia on this trip.

Now there won’t be a dry eye in the house…….


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