Dog Logic – Travel Calculations

OK. When we are traveling to Los Angeles, we leave at 10am and arrive at 8pm on the same day.

Wonder Dog stretches and wags his tail. A flight time of only 10 hours seemed reasonable to him.


His tail stopped wagging. But was not an option. 10 hours is 10 hours.

“Well, you see-” I start off by saying, but Wonder Dog has left the room.

No matter. I’ll just practice my “But” a bit more, then I’ll try it on him later.

But. There are 9 time zones between Denmark and California, which means that we need to subtract that from the actual flying time.

But. Flying time is 14 hours and 43 minutes, with 6 hours at various airports.

But 14.43+6=20.43 – 9= 11.43 hours. Give or take an hour or two depending on the rotation of the Earth, and the, what?

Wonder Dog has poked his head into the room once again.

“Dog Logic tells him that 11 hours and 43 minutes is not the same as 10 hours.”

Hmm. On this site:

It’s possible to calculate the time difference between 2 points on the planet.

travel duration

“All well and good hints Wonder Dog, but it still says 9 hours 40 minutes.”

“When do I get to lift my leg and relieve myself on the seat?”

Well, you don’t. You see…

Wonder Dog has left the room again, leaving me to ponder those missing minutes, almost like the gaps on the Watergate Tapes. The Watergate what? Hmm.

My age is beginning to show again. That might just be a good excuse to explain my lacking minutes, and the lack of Dog Logic on my part.

“Dog Logic – the ability to think in a rational way, not necessarily in the same way that humans do. Using Dog Logic can be thought of using the following equation:

2+2=4, but only if 2=food, and 2=like, which means that 4=happiness.

1.Food, 2.Walk, 3. Sleep, 4.Play – are all essential parts of Dog Logic.

I guess, I’ll just have to figure out a plausible argument, before I attempt to explain the mechanics of airline travel to one, who exists solely on Dog Logic.

“Pull up your food dish” he seems to say, crossing his paws and leaning back into his box, “we’ve got a long night ahead of us, teaching you Dog Logic”.

A long night indeed. I only hope he lets me out in the yard for a break later on…….





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