Visiting Gurgaon, India

My intention was to visit the USA, but tonight I made a stopover in India.

Gurgaon to be exact.

Gurgaon India

Source: Google Maps

What was I doing in Gurgaon, you might ask?

Well, I was really only chatting with an employee of the Cheapoair Travel Company. I needed some additional information as to my tickets in California, but couldn’t find the information on the home page.

The person on the other end was efficient and nice to Chat with, and I was asked if there was anything else V. could do for me?

Yes, out of curiousity: “Where are you writing from?”

India (Gurgaon) was the answer.

I wished V. a nice evening/night and she/he did the same to me.

31 degrees with haze. Located south west of New Delhi.

I’ll be continuing on with my thoughts of the USA, but enjoyed my stopover in Gurgaon!



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