Driving in (Southern) California

Been there, done that. But not recently, I’m afraid!

I’m trying to remember my killer instincts, before I brave the Freeways of Southern California once again on my upcoming trip to the Golden State. My memory just seems to fail me, that’s all, but perhaps it’ll return to me when I need it the most?

I used to commute an hour to work. 1 hour. Now I walk to work, and that takes 8 minutes!

whittier to yorba linda

I can see that after so many years, the travel time hasn’t improved. I drove every day to Yorba Linda, Ca. which was the hometown of Richard M. Nixon. He was President of the USA, way back when, and even has a library and museum in the same town. A musical group called, “Country Joe and the Fish” released a song “Tricky Dicky From Yorba Linda”*

I took a shorter lunch break in order to beat the afternoon traffic, which saved me the trouble of not liking my co-workers an additional ½ hour each day. Not all jobs are fun, even those in California! I didn’t think much about Tricky Dicky, when I had to commute every day, 5 days a week, in order to water tropical plants at a place called Sunset Tropicals.

sunset tropicals

Wow. What a Bummer! Closed. It doesn’t matter, the commute from Denmark would be too stressing for an old guy like me!

Then I traveled a lot from my house in Whittier to my Sister’s place in Placerville.

whittier to placerville

More stress again! Look at all of those traffic problems on Interstate 5. It didn’t matter, as I often took the older highway 99, which passes through the Great Central Valley on the Eastern Side, closer to the Sierra Nevada Mountain Range, which is normally not seen due to the thick haze in the Central Valley.

Why did I live at someplace called the Whittier Mobile Country Club, you might ask? Well, my  mother had a mobile home there, but it was situated between the Freeway called Interstate 605, and the train tracks which made noise once in a while, but the Freeway made noise all of the time. The Country Club part came from the narrow strip of green that was between the trailer park, oops, I mean the Country Club and the Rio Hondo River.


I guess, I’ve repressed those memories, and have forgotten how noisy it was living in Paradise!

What does all this have to do with driving in California, you might ask? Well, those many, or few years should have strengthened my resolve and hardened my steely gaze, while maneuvering the highways and byways of Southern California.

Driving in Denmark is a whole other ballgame. The traffic moves, more or less and you don’t have to fear driving the Motorways, unless a Norwegian on the way to catch the Ferry, or a German, on their way to anywhere, come in your way!

I’ve also left the Country Club lifestyle behind in my past, choosing instead a bit of Suburbia in the outskirts of Denmark’s 4 largest city.

I can hear the birds sing, and enjoy the smogless skies, while I think about leaving for my 8 minute walk to work.

Traveling is nice, but it also gives a bit of perspective about where we came from in our past, and where we are going in the present.

And I really haven’t thought about Tricky Dicky from Yorba Linda in a long, long time……



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