Traveling is Like Marriage

I’ve been looking through my old money, you know those odd coins and things from travels in the past.

It seems as if some of them cannot be used anymore! I’m sure they had value somewhere in the past, I mean Germany is still that big Country to the south of Denmark!

Look at what I’ve found:


There are some from the USA, which probably can be used? A funny one on the upper right hand side is called a Susan B.Anthony dollar. Susan B. Who?

There are a few pennies, and perhaps a coin or two from Hungary, or India. I’ve got postcards as well, but they don’t seem to be as interesting as things that have the value of spending.

A button was among the coins, and I’ve let it stay in the photo for obvious reasons of me not being too old!?

But what does this have to do with marriage, you might ask?

Well traveling is like marriage. They both seemed like a good thing at the time…..

It just might be that the value has changed a bit….


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