Women and Travel Books

I used to know this girl, you see, and…

And what does that have to do with a Travel Blog, you might ask?

Well, we had convinced ourselves back then, that we shared some common interests, which I enjoyed a lot, but she didn’t. I can’t really remember if she did, or didn’t, but as we are not together today, then I assume that she really didn’t!

She did though give me a nice coffee table book about Yosemite National Park, which looks like this here:

above yosemite

Picture borrowed from Pinterest.com

I must have been crazy about things like that, and had the ability to convince women of my personal obsession!

So she purchased this expensive looking book with lots of color photos, on her somewhat limited income because, well because…I guess it’s here, where I say that my memory fails me?

Where is Cheri today? I’ve done the customary Facebook search, but you know how some women tend to change their last names in order to make it more difficult to find them!

She even wrote on the inside cover, which should wake up a few more memories?

cheri yosemite book

“Be happy!”

It doesn’t say, “Be Happy with me”, or “I think you are the father of my child”, so it doesn’t seem that serious, what we shared with each other!

“The Memories” might refer to the memories that we had made with each other, or which she was expecting to happen, after I read the inscription, and enjoyed the photos then fell into her waiting arms, mad with burning passion!

I just don’t remember it happening like that. She did choose to give it to me on Thanksgiving, and not Valentine’s Day,nor Christmas, nor even on my Birthday? What Thanksgiving really meant to me back then, escapes me at the moment, but it was about 1½ years later that we chose not to see each other anymore. OK. She only talked about herself and what was important to her, while I was grieving the loss of my mother. Her roommate was Blah, Blah, and she was stuck paying the full price for a refrigerator, and her Father didn’t treat her like she wanted him to, and…

It seems, the more I think about it, the better my memory becomes! She probably wouldn’t have wanted to use so much money on someone, who would be dumping her in another 1½ years, if she had known better, but perhaps she held out in the hope that I would fall for her in the end, regardless of her mounting refrigerator payments?

I don’t know, but I guess if she hadn’t written in the book, then it would have just been a nice photo book of a National Park in California, which I am planning to visit in about 2 weeks!

Honestly. I can do this, if I really try hard enough! Think Yosemite and visiting. Forget what you cannot change, even if you had the chance….

It’s a good thing, she’s not on Facebook. I’d have to be reminiscing about those good times, we had together, and when the last time was that we spoke to each other, and why we didn’t carry on with each other, and…

And then she’d probably mention her refrigerator, and ruin the moment!

That’s what I remember most about Cheri……



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