Basic Outline for Upcoming Trip

  1. Day 1. Land in Los Angeles
  2. Day 2 Spent in Los Angeles
  3. Day 3 Wasted in Los Angeles, leaving for other places
  4. Days 4-19, Not in Los Angeles
  5. Day 20, In Los Angeles leaving for Denmark

If anyone needs to get in touch with me, then day 1 and 20 will be the best ones to do so.

Days 2 and 3 are in Los Angeles, but without having the ability to track our rental vehicle, then I would put my money on Day 1, or 20 if I were you!

The in between days, not being spent in Los Angeles, are spent other places.

More details? Remember how we used to do it in the olden days when we used to send postcards. “Hi Dad, wish you were her!”

Hi there. We are lying on the beach at Bunken Camping right now, located underneath Mt Shasta!  Billy stepped on a Jellyfish, and Sally tried to relieve herself to see if it helped! Don’t fall for those old wive’s tales, even in the old country here in Denmark!

We are having a great time, but then when you are with your Danish Family, and there is a truckload of Carlsberg, and Tuborg Beers around, then anything can be Great!

We got here on day 1, but 2 and 3 are a bit blurry after drinking all those beers. On day 4 we are planning on seeing this Church:


It might look old and faded, but that is the whole point about visiting the Old Country!

The rest of the days are no matter, as we have probably already returned home and are all having a laugh with you, while drinking the rest of the Tuborg, and Carlsberg beers!

Skål say the Danes, which is Cheers for the rest of the world, I think?

Can’t wait until we visit Los Angeles next year! Hope they have more Beers in the United States, and strong ones, if we are going to use 3 weeks over there, doing Family things again!

We’ll be sure to write a new postcard, destined for your refrigerator!

Yours Sincerely…………………….



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