Travel Itinerary – Work in Progress

I’ve been getting requests for my travel itinerary concerning my upcoming trip to the United States. I’ve made a few rough drafts, but haven’t worked out the final details as yet.

  1. Born in California
  2. Lived one place
  3. Lived another place
  4. Lived yet another place
  5. Met who is now my wife
  6. Moved to Denmark
  7. and then
  8. and then
  9. OK. I guess that wasn’t exactly what you would call an itinerary


(ī-tĭn′ə-rĕr′ē, ĭ-tĭn′-)

n. pl. i·tin·er·ar·ies

1. A route or proposed route of a journey.
2. An account or record of a journey.
3. A guidebook for travelers.


1. Of or relating to a journey or route.
2. Traveling from place to place; itinerant.
The story of my life is an Itinerary of sorts, and is directly related to my upcoming trip, but I’ll try to keep my sights on Number 1: A proposed route of a journey.

1. Travel from Denmark to United States
2. Do various things
3. Return to Denmark

I realize that my Itinerary, still isn’t complete, but I am progressing toward the final draft!

1. Discussed trip with Wonder Dog
2. We brainstormed a number of ideas
3. We disagreed as to how many dog toys should be taken
4. 2 Round Trip tickets purchased
5. Hidden stash of Dog Toys found in secret pocket in my suitcase
6. Reevaluation of Travel Goals
7. Wonder Dog outlined his demands as to seating arrangements
8. Arrangements for Rental Car with additional driver booked
9. New discussion about number of Squeaky Footballs, and Rubber Chicken Heads to take
10. Agree that this is not the final draft

Still 5 days to go. Details of Final Draft still on drawing board.
To be continued…..

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