Who Does What and When? Travel Insurance, and Other Loose Ends.

Traveling. New experiences. People to meet and greet.


Buy this, but not that. Insurance? My own, or other policies? What covers what and who?

Use cellphone in the USA. New Cellphone provider. Roaming?

Wonder Dog is restless. Walk or no walk? Cheese, or chips? Where are my friends, he asks? What is all this telephoning business got to do with me?

Travel from point A to point B. By plane, no less. Mornings cost more than evenings!

“Have I ordered an evening flight? I need a morning flight.”

“-No problem sir, that can be arranged. At only twice the price. What? The weather here in New Delhi? Warm, very warm.”

Funny, I thought I was calling Seattle, Washington?

“When you get to the car rental agency, don’t let them sell you more insurance. You are probably covered on your home insurance.”

“Hello, Home Insurance Company. Am I covered with theft in a rental car in New Delhi? No, sorry. A rental car in Los Angeles? What? Do I need to call to New Delhi to find out? 1-800 numbers don’t work from Denmark. “Have a nice day, sir”. Thanks, but I’m not going to New Delhi on this trip. At least, I don’t think so….”

Wonder Dog looks out of the window. Bark! Look there, someone is walking by. Dog or no Dog, it still is interesting to say, Bark!

Download our App and check your flight schedule. App-store. Downloading. Downloading. Sorry, your Ios is too old. Perhaps you should buy a new telephone before your trip? Iphone 6s with 64 Gb perhaps? Apple recommends their own insurance, otherwise any other repairs will null and void your warranty. Deductible? Yes, this is your lucky day, your deductible is only ½ the price of the monthly payments, spread out across 7 years, of course!

My table is still a mess. My suitcase is not packed. My travel papers lie about in piles.

Wonder Dog stretches again. Walk, did anyone say walk? No problem. You probably could use a few minutes outside in the fresh air! I can help you with that…

The cellphone rings. “Hello, you have just spoken with our Customer Service Department. Would you be interested in helping us to help you better by taking a survey about your last call? It will only take 1 minute, and there are no prizes involved with your participation.”

5 days until Wonder Dog and I are to travel. 5 days of uncertainty. 5 days of endless planning, without being able to complete anything.

Chat with our service department. Cheapoair is at your service. Chat function is set to your local language. Swahili anyone?

The weather in Denmark? Breezy and 18 degrees C. No, no rain today. 28 degrees and thunderstorms in New Delhi. Is it too much to pack a raincoat, when it is so warm?

I’d better call the Car Rental Agency, then the airlines, both international and domestic, then my Insurance Company, then check my passport.
-And some people assured me that travel to India was as easy as travel to Los Angeles……




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