Almost Naked Packing

I apologize for using “Naked” in my blog title, but “Nude”might have been worse!

What to take in the way of clothing on my upcoming trip? Shirts, clean underwear in case of hospital visit, socks, shoes, and, and….

It has been 29 degrees C. in Los Angeles, and up to 35 degrees farther north. In Denmark we never put our Winter Jackets away, due to the Cool Summer and now Cooler Autumn on the way!

Jackets? Nope. Dress Clothing? Camping, and other things. Visiting my family, if found along the way, and, and…I can’t see the point in dressing up for something, that will only cost me more money in the end.

“Oh, your wife is not going, I presume?”

Wonder Dog and I, can get by on almost nothing at all, which brings me back to the title of this blog!

It might be better to change the title, “What not to pack”, or “Seamless Encounters with my Suitcases”. Perhaps something like, “Threadbare and see-through Accessories”.

All in all, I won’t be worrying about taking too much unnecessary clothing.

Just enough, not to be detained at the airport for indecent exposure!…..




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