Is It Much Further?

Once upon a time, way back when in Los Angeles, I was on the way home from somewhere to somewhere else, when my niece asked, “How much farther is it?”

We told her 5 miles, then 3 miles, then 1 mile, then ½ mile etc. until we ran out of 54/64th of a mile to pacify her with.

I’ve tried to explain how distance in the United States uses miles, instead of kilometers, just as I’ve used Dollars converted from Danish Kroner.

Wonder Dog just shakes his head in disdain. How could any Country use things like miles, while the rest of the world have used the metric system for quite some time. OK. Perhaps not in Great Britain, where they alternate between the one and the other, and also not in Québec, where they describe distances using “time to get there” instead of “how many kilometers”. Each to his/her own, you might say, but try to convince a level-headed Poodle of that fact!

Let’s take a simple example: We are driving from point A to point B. Wonder Dog asks at this juncture if point A is the name of a town/city, or it is A for Adam, as a lot of people in the USA are believers? No. A just means the starting point, sort of like Alpha.


I use the symbol for Alpha in order to get through this very easy example of distance from A-B.

Wonder Dog interjects once again. If Alpha is the starting point, then Omega should be the finishing point.

A point well taken. OK. In the spirit of Cooperation and simplification, we’ll use omega


Now then, if we were traveling from α to ψ, then..

Wonder Dog has his paw up once again. He points out that ψ is the letter psi, and not omega, which any fool could see in the above photo.

I don’t think that this is the time, nor the place for insults, when I am just trying to make a  point about distance in the United States.

Let’s consider the following:

alpha omega


Now we have both of the culprits: Both Alpha and Omega. Together again. The first and the last.

Where was I? Some might say, “Denmark”, but the jury is still out on that one!

If we are traveling from alpha to Omega, not having them symbolize any particular town, and or city, and or belief, and or…where was I?

Wonder Dog has fallen asleep. I’d like to think that my original point has been made and everyone, including both he and I, is completely in the know about distances in the USA!

If though, anyone still has their doubts, I refer to the following video.

which shows how even the most patient of us, can lose their temper due to distractions along the way……


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