Traveling – Stop While You are Ahead

WordPress has been a bit more tricky now than it ever has before.

50 posts

I’m not sure if this is encouragement, or a warning of impending danger?

I should really stop, and let the readers imagine where I am, what I’m doing and who I am doing it with!

Otherwise there would be nothing left to the imagination!

A make-yourself-travel-blog can use the following elements:

I am traveling to:

I am traveling with:

I plan on:

I returned on:

Then I could use a number of keywords, in which the rest of you could place them on the other side of the questions and draw lines from/to the ones that fit best.

Botswana, a beautiful woman, Los Angeles, Down my inner ear, total boredom.

You see. Already there are a number of possibilities, which can be used. I might just lean back into my recliner, and wait until the rest of you take the trip for me. It should be a lot less stressful, and most definitely cheaper, then me using my time and money just for the sake of entertaining others!

“He stopped at 50 Blogs! Does anyone know why?”

There would be the usual clamoring throngs of True Believers pounding on my Blog Site, wondering why “50” was enough?

Will he be doing a new site? Why are we alive on this planet, at this time?

Is there really a God?

Alas. I don’t have the answers to all those questions, and I won’t even promise any answers in another blog.

Some things just have to be left to the imagination……


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