Where Is The Travel Fairy?

We’ve started the packing stage, Wonder Dog and I. We’ve put our disagreements aside for a while in order to get through this most difficult of all phases.

I’ve convinced myself that there exists a Travel Fairy, who helps out in instances such as these, when everything that is anything exists on the floors, the tabletops and in my mind.

All thoughts of glory, the wonders of traveling and the excitement of experiencing new things have been lost in the mess that surrounds me.

What was I thinking of, when I decided to take this trip?

Whose fault is it?

How in the world can I make heads of tails of this mess?

Wonder Dog just relaxes on the floor, waiting for the next meal, or toss of his squeaky football.


Does he look worried? I think not.

You’d think that man’s best friend would help his owner out in this instance. Point his paw in the right direction, or call the Travel Fairy, and ask for her help!


“Just the essentials? Aced that one!”, he said before he fell back asleep…….


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