In a Red Dress? Alternative Traveling

Women in red dresses. Need I say more? Yes, Infers Wonder Dog. Yes, you do.

I want to say, “Get your own girl”, but not just before our trip! We have enough loose ends before we leave on Sunday.

Wonder Dog casually eats a banana.

“Relax and chew a banana with me”, he seems to say. “And throw a few raisins on the floor. And cheese, how about some of that Gouda, you’ve been hogging in the refrigerator?”

“Don’t stress out. Look how blurry the photos are! Honestly, If I didn’t know better, then I’d say that you were getting too old for this kind of traveling?”

Sometimes, I don’t know if I am thinking what he is saying, or he is saying what I am thinking?

I’d better turn my thoughts back to a mysterious woman in a red dress, waiting at the bar for me. Hah! That’s a laugh! If my wife were home, I’d ask her. What am I saying? Ask her? My ego does not need that kind of abuse, just 3 days before our Epic Journey.

Wonder Dog has curled up on the floor, dreaming of bananas and Gouda Cheese.

I know, because we share those same thoughts.

Just not on the floor…..


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