Travel Music

Wonder Dog and I have been disagreeing about music for the trip. How hard can it be, finding a compromise between he and I?

You might just be surprised.

I’ve been looking through YouTube for a solution. Whenever I click on a new song, I hasten to observe if Wonder Dog’s tail begins to Wag, or not.

What about the Beach Boys? They have the Real California Sound! Nope. Too Old School, he seems to say. Then I thought about the Grateful Dead! Drugs and Hippies, a dash of Country Rock and…what? Now he’s sitting on his tail. I guess it would be the same´, if he had hands.

We move onward into the 70s. What about Free Bird by Lynyrd Skynyrd? The guitar solo is a classic piece of Rock, and…Hey! Wake up! 9 minutes and 10 seconds of…What? I’m too old to know really good music? This argument might just last all night, let me tell you! No dog of mine is going to, ….

We’ve decided to put that subject on the Back Burner for now. What might a dog like? I guess, it’s not necessarily music with a theme, as it is music that fits to our tastes!

I’ve listened to a myriad of music, in different languages no less. German, French, Danish and even Swahili, with Classical entering the picture now and again. The other day I had a hankering for Opera, and chose a golden oldie, “Le Nozze di Figaro” – The Marriage of Figaro. When I started to hum one of the first Arias, Non piu andrai**, I noticed that Wonder Dog’s foot began to move along the strains of Mozart’s music. One of the line’s “Poco Contante” translates to “Little Money” is beginning to be the theme of this vacation, with the Bank Account screaming at me at every turn.

I’ve tried a number of versions including the one by Byrn Terfel, but it doesn’t seem to matter to Wonder Dog, as long as it is from that opera!

I begged to disagree. I prefer Les Pêcheurs duet! How could any dog not like that one?

Wonder Dog’s tail stopped its wagging! “Way too noisy”, he seemed to say with his ears turned back in distaste.

We just love to disagree…..




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