Travel Papers – Get Off Of My Cloud!

Hip and with it! That’s who I am. OK. No one has told me that, but I need to believe it, or else I’d never be able to complete such an undertaking of traveling on my own and all.

Wonder Dog scratches himself and opens an eye. “Alone” he seems to say. “That was fast, forgetting Man’s Best Friend”…

No matter. I have a pile of documents. Lists of lists. Passport. Credit Card. Itineraries. Ticket Reservations. A list to remember other lists. Driver’s License. Proof of Ownership.

Wonder Dog does not want to run into trouble with the authorities. “Papers, we need Ownership Papers”. Someone just scribbled an amount, and date of purchase on a piece of paper.

Coco Kvittering

What about a Notary Public? It is in Danish, after all?

“Perhaps there is a Danish-speaking Customs Person at each of the 4 Airports that we will be going through?”

Dogs are so hopeful, and so naive. I admit, it would be helpful if they did such a thing, but how would you know that they were there?

I think, it’s a lot to expect looking for a Danish flag button, or the odd chance that the Official is waving his Coffee Mug in our direction as we pass through each airport!

Wonder Dog just shakes his head. “Danes want to be noticed. They are flashy in their “Look at me Style” and sassy in the way that they sell themselves to the world”

“Just think of how we tell the world that we are Danes. All right, almost Danes. Present company excluded”

Everyone knows who we are, when we are driving around in Denmark.

plate holder

We are proud to be who we are, and that includes our choice of moving violations: The Jutland Jeep (please see:

“But why worry about telling other Danes, that there is a Dane in the car, in Denmark?”

-“Because of the Danes who have forgotten that they are Danes. That’s Why!”

“Why name clouds in the post? We’ve gotten way off the subject!”

-“Put your documents in the clouds”, says Wonder Dog.

“Is that like putting them where the sun does not shine?” I ask.

-“No. Upload your documents, and they are always there, where you need them!”

Then I would need to use my Cellphone. Then it would have to be charged. Then I would have to remember the password, the PIN code, and my Social Security Number!

No. NO again. I might be hip and narley, but this modern thinking just isn’t being processed in my old brain.

Wonder Dog just looks  at me in his forlorn way. “Oldsters” he seems to say. “What can you do with them?……”



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