Traveling Gifts – Think Bones!

This is a hard one to figure out. Gifts for chance companions, family and the Odd Dog in the United States!

“Bring something unique from Denmark”.

How hard could that be? What is unique anymore in our multi-cultural, Internet driven, growing smaller all the time, world?

“Bring Legos, but only packaging with Danish Flags on them.”

Cannot find Legos with Danish Flags on them! Lego is a Danish invention, but it has gone International, and doesn’t need the Danish Flag!

“Think Bones. Bones never go out of style!” Wonder Dog should be sleeping, but he is sending his thoughts to me, telepathically.

I can see us now at Customs. “Why all the Bones?”

It might be different, if they had Danish Flags on them, but they don’t!

Alcohol is always a crowd-pleaser.

-“What if the recipient has a drinking problem? Bones don’t cause problems like that. Think Bones.”

At Customs: “Bones with Danish Flags on them?” That’s one for the books! Wait until I tell the wife about that one!

We are not thinking in the same direction, Wonder Dog and myself. We need to coordinate our thoughts, in order to solve our problems, and get ready for the flight on Sunday.

“Haven’t you heard that statement? Bones, Bones for the Poor!”

I’m getting too tired for this argument. I need to relax in my bed, and let my mind go to rubber, and let the dream fairies rock me to sleep…..

“A load of Bones on your haid would also do the trick. Think Bones!”


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