Yelling Before Traveling

“Why aren’t you done with your packing?”

Oh no. The wife is home!

It was, well you know how it is?

I’ve had the best intentions, while the wife has been away on a course, to be done with packing before Wonder Dog and I journey into the Great Unknown!

I’ve been living my life in piles. Piles of papers and documents. Piles of presents. Piles of things that won’t fit into the suitcases.

“You’ve had all week to be done, what is your problem?”

Yes, what is my problem? I know, I need to be ready, but on Saturday at the latest

My father was an excellent procrastinator. I just take after him.

The wife has told me, if I start to resemble him, then…

“You just won’t, that’s all!”

I’m not sure on what point, I’m not allowed to be like my father? He did have some good characteristics. She just is forgetful, that’s all.

“Just when do you expect to be finished?”

It might be some sort of Zen Puzzle. Is there really an end to packing for any trip? Are we just living in a Pipe Dream, a Bubble of Reality? Help! I can’t breathe! I need the air of Reality!

“Get a grip. Take a deep breath, and look into my eyes!”

She is always there, keeping me on the straight and narrow.

If only she would buckle down, and finish packing for me…..

…before she starts yelling again……



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