Last Minute Traveling Panic, Part 1

One of us is in a quandary. One of us.

One of us has piles of photographs, maps, tickets, addresses, passports, papers, and more papers

One of us hasn’t slept that well last night being filled with dreams and memories, all jumbled together in random ways, shapes and forms.

One of us is up early once again, trying to make heads or tails of the many piles, trying to organize things into the most important things first, then, then…

One of us has just heard that the Coffee is ready, with its strong aromas penetrating the air, promising more stability, and relaxation

But what of the other, you might ask, what of the other travel companion, who must share his part of the burden?


What? Says Wonder Dog just awaking from a wonderful Dog’s sleep filled with cats and bones and walks. What is it?

De-stressing Dog Style………


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