Sleep then Travel

Just a few hours left before our Epic Journey.

Wonder Dog’s Mother didn’t raise any dummies. I can see that as he has been asleep for many hours already, which means that he’ll be bright eyed and wagging tail for our trip.

Some might say that all those hours spent traveling mean something negative. I don’t agree. Traveling is like age. Just a number.

Oh, we might be tired upon arrival, and we might wonder if it was all worth it, but then the recognition factor for me, and the newness of the adventure for Wonder Dog should be enough to compensate for a few hours spent in near weightless condition!

Wonder Dog’s leg twitches. He is in REM sleep and is dreaming his dog dreams to their fullest. I wish, I only have had dog dreams over the last week or so. I’ve had the usual type of being late, using too much money and waking up like I’ve forgotten something. Funny how dreams tend to imitate life….

I’ve been away before, but not for so many years. In my mind, things are the same as they were back then, with everyone being at the same age and position in life. I know that is not true, but until I can let those lost years catch up with the present me, then I’ll just have to keep believing that those images in my mind, are really true.

The last time, I was in California, I remarked how funny everyone sounded, meaning their dialect. Everyone told me that I spoke the same way, but I couldn’t hear it myself.

I’ll try not to look in the mirror, for at least the first few days, in order to let my less than totally grey head of hair, time to catch up with my memories of still having that other color up on top! I might end up surprising myself of the changes to come, and will be just as much a “newbie” as Wonder Dog.

Speaking of Wonder Dog. His other leg is twitching as well, bringing him into a state of balanced dreaming. I wish he would teach me to dream in equilibrium, so I could get a good night’s sleep, without worrying in advance!

It seems like we have a lot to teach each other on this trip!

End of Blog, but a followup is expected after arrival in Los Angeles.

“Happy Traveling!” Said to myself, that is.

Wonder Dog wags his tail in acknowledgement….still asleep while doing so….

Lucky Dog!


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