OK. The time for leaving Denmark for warmer climes is getting closer.

In just 14 hours, give or take a panic attack or two, Wonder Dog and I will be making our way westwards.

Wonder Dog points with his paw at this juncture, but not westwards. No. No it is not dinnertime, but if you are patient, then..

Dogs don’t know the meaning of the word, patient. Unless of course you are repeating their name, and the command while holding their favorite squeaky football, or opened Liver Paté!

Wonder Dog can’t understand why we are not allowed to take certain things with us in our carry on luggage. He has that forlorn look, like here when he posed for this site:


“Why can’t I take my toys for sleeping, while on the plane?”

His favorite harpoon, the one with Moby Tuna on it is not allowed. Neither is his favorite Tomahawk, which he’s had since he just was a puppy.

I interject and say that he is still a puppy, which doesn’t help at all, as he still isn’t allowed to run around the airplane, sporting his “Lassie Approved Tomahawk”, with authentic multi-colored feathers!

“Why all of the restrictions? What is it with you humans that make you do such crazy things?”

I’d like to say that when I was a lad, we never had such restrictions, but it would only add insult to injury. Why was the world safer, when we only had Nuclear War to worry about, and not other fanatic groups showing up all over the world, making life difficult for the rest of us?

Wonder Dog knows nothing of such things. “Scratch my stomach, feed me, and tell me I’m a clever boy. Why does anyone need more than that in life?”

I wish, I had the answers to some of his questions, but sadly I don’t.

I can only hope that our journey will be a safe and enjoyable one, and leave it at that.

“Try to imagine how the bones taste in the United States. Think about that!”

He looks at me as if he would say, “You think of that as well. Then we can share a bone together!”

A common bone for two. That might just be the title of this trip……………….


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