Using My Cellphone, While Abroad

I would like to say that I was just like the next bloke. Not addicted to my Cellphone! But…

I wouldn’t call it an addiction, like if I had my contact person available 24 Hours a day, waiting to wean me off the use of my Cellphone, but which I needed to use to call the Hotline number! Some things just don’t make sense.

I resisted for many years, while others around me had Smart Phones. I bragged about having a Dumb Phone, which suited my needs perfectly. Think of it, a telephone which can call, and receive calls, send and receive text messages, to cheap money. Who wouldn’t want to be me? Then the others began to mention Facebook. How will you contact your friends and keep in touch?

Easy. I didn’t have Facebook!

I was shunned and ostracized. My children begged me to start my own Facebook page, so we could communicate via Messenger! Hello out there! We still live in the same house! My arguments fell upon deaf ears. That was beside the point. Get real, and join the rest of us in our madness.

Now, I have Facebook with 9 Friends. Others have attempted to be my friends, but then I wouldn’t be able to see all of their faces at one time! But what about using my Cellphone while traveling? How will we keep in touch?

Wonder Dog doesn’t even own a Smart Phone. He doesn’t have a GPS device on his collar, for me to keep track of him, where ever in the world! When he sleeps, he reaches his legs out to me, until they touch my body. “He’s there”. Sigh of Comfort. Back to Sleep!

What about those Americans? What about the Danes back in Denmark? Everyone needs to be comforted, while I am out traveling. Everyone!

I’ve spoken to the telephone company. “No problem, we have the perfect solution for you!”

200 GB of Data, Free calls to each other in your household.  Free text and MMS messages.

Then I received a PDF file with 17 pages of legal jargon in Danish. I still couldn’t see, what I purchased! I called again. On 1st September the whole thing starts!

It sure did. All of our telephones lost their Data, but we were permitted to purchase more if we wanted to. I called Customer Support.

“You have called Customer Support outside of our regular business hours. Check our home page, or wait until we find a real, live idiot to help you…..

“You might solve your problem by turning off then starting your device again”. Did that, Didn’t work!

“Did you know that our FAQ, located on the home page, answers the most general questions”

-Real person enters the picture. Don’t worry, he says. In 5 minutes the problem is solved.

True, true. Now I can even see, what I have purchased. What 1 hour of Calling!

Today I called Customer Service once again. I tried to stop saying my latest Mantra:

Everyone at the Phone Company is an idiot.Everyone at the Phone Company is an idiot.Everyone at the Phone Company is an idiot.Everyone at the Phone Company is an idiot.Everyone at the Phone Company is an idiot.

The Real Person assured me that the new additional cost to my subscription will assure me the pleasure of using my Danish Cell Phone in Denmark, allowing me to call both American Numbers and Danish for the same price, I pay in Denmark. “What about calling US numbers from Denmark….”.

“Nope. Then you need to pay through the nose, and that usually hurts!”

The faces of my 9 Facebook friends look concerned, sort of like the portraits of the former Headmasters at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. I can almost hear their comments: “What if we want to send you a text message? Do we have to pay for a text message to Denmark? Snape is unbearable, but what can we do about that?”

My Cell Phone is also a bit old, not allowing me to use the App for the Airline Company.

Wonder Dog looks up at this juncture and shakes his head. “Too old to know any better, and too stubborn to change!” -he seems to say.

Perhaps he’s right. Perhaps I should throw all caution to the winds and do what I’ve resisted doing before.

  1. Accept Friend number 10 on Facebook!
  2. By a new Smart Phone
  3. Change my Mantra to something positive, like “I think I can, I think I can, I know I can…”
  4. Reach out and embrace the changes that come, welcome them with open arms!

I could also just delete a few Facebook friends, and invite new ones in. Nine is the limit, you know…..




One thought on “Using My Cellphone, While Abroad

  1. I feel for you… Someone took care of all that trouble for me when I went to Denmark. Some people are just lucky like that, landing and getting a ready to use phone without having to bother with any of that sh*t you’re going through 😉


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