You’d Lose Your Head, If It Wasn’t Screwed On!


It seems to be a dirty word. Someone has asked me for it, and that wasn’t the first time…

sept 2016

I found this free calendar WinCalendar, which can be opened in Word, etc.

The only thing is the start of the week. That is wrong.

cal dan

Source: Time and

The Danish week begins on Monday. No matter, I’ll just wing it.

Here is the basic plan:

sept 2016b

Why would anyone want more details than that?

It’s kind of like saying, I was born then I died. What? Details? You want details of my life? Not an easy thing to do, as I grew up in a Country where the week began on a Sunday, and am now living in one, where that has changed to a Monday.

Traumas. I’ve got traumas.

Oh well. I’ve documented it as much as possible. You might as well ask me, how my heart got broken back in 1975, but that is not on this calendar!

sept 2016c

I must say, I wasn’t much for baring my soul so much giving away so many details of my upcoming trip, but I gave in to the masses in the end. I might have left out a few dog-related stops, but then those things will just have to be left up to the imagination…..

Oh, and don’t worry about my head. I’ve checked the bolts, and given them a quick spray of WD40, just to make sure!



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