This Line, Europeans Only!

Well, a lot of you are probably wondering where this blog has gone over the last week, but the answer is simple – Nowhere!

Actually,  I am in the United States at this moment, and have been for the last 6 days.

My arrival and start of this Epic Journey together with Wonder Dog began at Los Angeles International Airport last Sunday at 8 pm. But let us not put the cart before the horse, because the journey began in Aalborg, Denmark at 10 am Saturday morning.


Goodby Aalborg. See you again.

The flight from Aalborg went off without a hitch, but the situation in Amsterdam was somewhat different. Wonder Dog expressed the desire to taste the fine cuisine in Holland, and being in agreement with his culinary tastes, we found some breaded products including hot dogs. Sorry, but Wonder Dog is snickering at the mention of hot dogs, which is a private joke between us, the airport being rather steamy after our flight out of Denmark.


Unfortunately, we became aware of the fact that our flight was already boarding, which caused us to hurry toward that part of the airport with flights to the USA. First we needed to go through the ever present Security area, but which didn’t want to accept my Passport no matter how many times I placed it on the security scanner. A Customs Official began to yell at me, that the line that I stood in was only for Europeans! Heck, I had lived the past 25 years in Denmark, and was as European as anyone else, but she seemed to disagree with that fact!

Wonder Dog possessing a classic Red Danish Passport waited patiently for me outside the Security Area, while I waved my arms in disgust, finally conceding that I was not an European, and stood in the line with the other Foreigners to appease the waiting crowds.

Many hours later finally found us in Minneapolis International Airport, at yet another leg of our Security Inspections, being the first Port of Call in the USA. I was allowed to accompany Wonder Dog through security after arguing that him, being a minor, might require help in these new situations. We needed to place our paws on a glass scanner allowing a paw print to be made, followed by a photograph, causing some of us to bend down, while others had to stand up on their hind legs, in order to place our faces at the correct level.

The next stop required us to state our business in the USA and solemnly swear, not to incite any Dog Riots, encourage other to do so, and finally not to assume that we, as Europeans, should consider ourselves to be better than the Average American.

Wonder Dog tried to help things along, by showing the Official, his dog tag showing an American Flag in the background, but the Official wasn’t swayed by this type of behavior. “How do I know that you won’t be renting a Non-American Made Foreign Car, and plastering it with American Flag Stickers, pretending to be as American as any other other, with an over sized  Pickup Truck, Gun Rack and “Trump for President” sign in the back window?”

His point was well taken, so we declined to argue the point anymore, thus allowing us to continue on our journey without any more delay.

The next flight took us across the United States with more good food and visual entertainment. At one point I had a firm talking with Wonder Dog as he had chosen a movie with a rating called, “RD”* which showed a bit too much skin for such a young and


impressionable puppy!

We finally arrived at LAX which is Los Angeles International Airport, where we collected our bags and continued on into the dark of the night.


*RD “R-rating for Dogs, revealing too much underbelly, or upturned tails. Not for the weak at heart, and definitely requiring parental discretion!”

Part 2 – next time: Santa Monica and Hollywood!



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