The Man With One Shoe and One Sock

After having set foot on American soil in both Minneapolis and Los Angeles, we were ready to assume the role of tourist in the City of Angels.

The night before after our tiring journey over 9 time zones, Wonder Dog as as hungry as a horse, or for that matter, a Crazy Chicken! That caused us to eat at the local restaurant, El Pollo Loco. It seems that a prerequisite for employment in this fine establishment was the ability to sing various songs in Spanish, out of key, while cleaning the kitchen at the end of the day. Wonder Dog would have objected to this unwanted entertainment, when a chicken bone got caught in my throat, causing him to pound on my back vigorously with his paws, sounding not unlike a Flamenco dancer tapping out a tune on the floor!

The next day pointed toward Santa Monica, which is the terminus (the end) for the famous highway Route 66. img_47811

Various souvenirs were available, but Wonder Dog wisely chose to save his money for other things.

I wanted to remember the pier and the circus-like atmosphere surrounding these Americans, but was stopped literally in my tracks by the sight of something we are not used to seeing much of in Denmark:


Wow! We were there, in a tropical paradise called California!

Wonder Dog seemed a bit jumpy and pointed to his sundial watch, reminding me of our parking meter and its rapidly diminishing time limit.

We set the GPS and took off toward Hollywood, hoping to catch a look at some important movie stars, and breathe in the sights and sounds of this bustling part of Southern California!

Hollywood was both more, and less than we expected. Wonder Dog insisted on walking the walk on Hollywood Boulevard, hoping to see one of his heroes, immortalized on the sidewalks, upon which our paws now dared to tread upon.

We didn’t have long to wait when upon looking down, we discovered these stars:


Not as impressive as you might think, but the next thing that happened really made my day.

We decided to have some pizza and eat it in a local park. img_47861

A fellow showed up at our table and professed that he had misplaced exactly one shoe and one sock (luckily on the same foot) and didn’t know if the other ones? He asked for money for a drink, but Wonder Dog gave him a “Paws Down” at his request. He hobbled and hopped across the street to points unknown, thus ending our close personal encounter with a true resident of “Hollywood”.

Next Blog: The Hollywood Sign!


2 thoughts on “The Man With One Shoe and One Sock

  1. Welcome to California! Los Angeles definitely is a palm tree circus with plenty of people wearing one shoe and sock. I would encourage you to continue south and visit the beaches of Orange County (Huntington Beach down to San Diego) they’re way prettier 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks for the suggestions. I grew up in Montebello where we often used to go to Huntington Beach, and Seal Beach. My travels have unfortunately currently placed me in the foothill region of Northern California where sounds of the ocean are only a memory for most of the residents. A lot of them are from Southern California, but they won’t admit to that!

      Liked by 1 person

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