The Hollywood Sign

My second day in the USA was different than the first, what with the whirl of the Airport, its buses, and the torrents of people who passed in and around me.

Wonder Dog and I had been blessed with a restful night, with just the incessant sounds of the Freeway that thundered outside our window. A nourishing breakfast at McDonalds on Labor Day, with the workforce of America on full power, helping to celebrate the day celebrating the worker, seemingly tireless in the pursuit of American happiness!

After leaving the end of America’s favorite highway, Route 66, we continued through the City of Hollywood, to the hills above this massive city. The Angelenos were out in force, enjoying the holiday with the rest of us, chance visitors on the road.


Griffith Park is situated above Hollywood and offers extensive views over the vast Los Angeles Area. I wouldn’t though have been here, if it hadn’t been for the wish of Wonder Dog to see the Hollywood Sign as close-up as possible.

This link will tell you everything about the sign:


The park was filled to overflowing with visitors, but we were persistent in our endeavors and continued to the parking lot at the top of this small hill.

Wonder Dog leaped out of the car, as if he had come home again, leaving me to wonder, in a wondering way, just why this moment was so special to him? He barked and wagged his tail in such a way, that his true master had been found again, which made me wonder again, just why it was necessary for me to be present?

With a light-hearted  bark and a wayward smile, he promptly indicated to me in our common language, that it was time to do a Walkabout, which meant that he would be rejoining me at a later time on our Epic Journey, and promptly disappeared!

Some might enter a state of panic if their treasured companion had done such a thing, seemingly without any warning whatsoever, but we were kindred spirits, who were not alarmed, but sudden changes in our situation. I waved a fond farewell, and wished in my heart that we would be seeing one another again real soon.

We being free spirits, enjoyed the moment in our own way, which left me to take a few more snapshots, before leaving my last view of the Hollywood Sign on this visit.

My next travels would take me down the aforementioned Memory Lane with its many ruts and pitfalls, but then that is what this life has to offer.


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