Endless Cities in the Desert

I was fortunate to be caught in a traffic jam as I attempted to leave Los Angeles. I felt that my Smog deficiency was a bit depressing, but let me assure you that was made up for by being caught on a 6-lane Freeway surrounded by SUVs, over-sized pickups, foreign and domestic, business, and semi trucks, all vying for the right to get “There” first, wherever there might be.

I felt a certain pang in my heart not knowing exactly where Wonder Dog was at that moment in time, but rest assured, we will be reunited later on in this Epic Journey.

Los Angeles gave wayroute-to-desert

Source: Google Maps

to the cities around LA, known as Bedroom Communities for those who want a better existence than LA could offer, even though many of them would be having to commute long distances to fulfill their dreams.

The terrain became more Desert-Like and less City-like, but the presence of any number of 1000’s of “newer” housing tracts, made me wonder what had happened to the once less than inhabited corridor between LA proper and the Desert Towns of Lancaster and Palmdale to its northeast?

Palmdale with its 150,000 inhabitants and Lancaster boasting just as many, made me scratch my head in wonder at these once sleepy Desert Communities, which were not connected, and only having a gas station or two to offer travelers like me on their northward travels. The Desert heat was there with temperatures in the 90’s (mid 30’s C), which seemed to agree with the Desert surroundings, as well as Joshua Trees,



whose name were inspired by those who imagined Joshua’s arms reaching up to the heavens above, if your imagination can be stretched that far, that is?

I could see that the cities reach extends farther and farther out where everyone imagines, no city to exist, thus attaining a better quality of life, but which ends up being just as populous and stressful as the Mega-City that they left behind.

I finally had to fill up gas in the once-sleepy town of Mojave, which also was suffering/enjoying its new Boom Town status. Fast-food restaurants and numerous Gas Stations welcome the weary and over-heated travelers in a myriad of ways. I asked if anyone remembered a certain Cafe, which at that time was the only possibility for “Eats” in this part of the Mojave Desert, but which sadly no one could remember! I guess my memories of a long-gone, rather sleepy and dusty town, had also disappeared into the annals of time?

My route still was pointing northwards, as the sun made its way downwards in the Western Skies. I left both the Big City and the lesser Wanna Be, Smaller Cities behind me, only wanting to escape from the many offerings of drink and pleasure, for a lesser demanding existence.

My true friend, no not Wonder Dog, but my friend of years past was now accompanying me on this journey, as seen by my photo below, thus ending this blog for now.


Can’t you just hear the silence, and feel the heat of the Mojave?

I still can…..


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