Not a Concentration Camp

In Eastern California there exists a name on the map, which concerns a number of people during WWII.

Manzanar is the place where 1000’s of people of Japanese Ancestry were relocated for “Their own safety!”


110,000 to be a bit more exact.

They were required to leave their homes and business, to leave their pets behind, and only have a suitcase with them. They were moved away for their own good, and eventually asked to sign a pledge of non-allegiance to Japan and its Emperor.

If they refused, they were shipped away to other places, and treated accordingly.

They were Americans, and considered themselves as such. Why would they need to pledge allegiance to the USA, when they already were Americans?

I asked the person at the main desk, why they didn’t charge admission?

“You don’t charge admission to a place, where they locked people away…….”

There is a nice Visitor’s Center with a number of reconstructed buildings, and displays showing how daily life treated these “Non Concentration Camp Visitors” in this far distant, and somewhat forgotten corner of The Golden State.


Reconstructed Camp with Sierra Nevada Mountains shown in background.


Visitor’s Center with Sierra Nevada Range.


1000’s of Shattered Lives.


219 Miles from LA (350 Km)

Source: Google Maps

Kind of funny, but it reminded me of a Concentration Camp anyway….


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