Some Say Silence is Boring

I’m an advocate of Silence. That might be boring to some people, but these days, it’s something of a rare experience in our busy existences.

My travels have led me from the hustle bustle lifestyle of Los Angeles and into the deserts of Eastern California.waynes-iphone-355

Picture this. Desert.


Camping out away from the main Highway called US 395.

No cities, or towns.

No Gas Stations, or Ice Cream stands.

Nothing but temperatures in the 90s (30s C.).

Nothing that would interest anybody?

I’m sitting in the Hot, enjoying myself. Thoroughly.

In Denmark there is a shortage of this combination:

Hot + Silence + Desert

Perhaps, I’m just spoiled in thinking that I should be enjoying myself right now, even though it is Hot and Boring in the Desert Silence?


Source: Google Maps.

Small towns of Lone Pine, Independence, Big Pine and a host of other out of the way places, with deserted buildings, fading signs and forgotten hopes.

“OK. Enough of that poetic silly stuff. Give us something we can sink our teeth into!”

Give the people, what they want. That’s what I say.

How about: Lizards in the sun?


Boring Lizards in the Hot California Sun.

In the Desert silence.

Alone with the Lizards, in the heat, heat, heat……

Trust me, This is living!



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