Bear, Did You Say Bear?

Bears are in short supply. At least in California. Bear, did you say Bear? Let’s order a new batch of them and keep them in stock! No good running out of Bears!

I’m now camping at a National Forest Campsite. There are signs at the entrance that tell me many important things: do this, but not that. Watch out and put out your fire, and only in the fire ring, and pay your fee, and not too many days here, but there and mind the Bears!

Those elusive Bears again. A lot of work has been done to ensure that the Bear Population remains in its natural state, but let’s check in first.

American money is a funny thing to have again. Big President faces and the thought that the value is not the same as the last time that I had them in my pocket on a regular basis. $14 is the fee per night, and I’m beginning to feel that Wonder Dog is just a few steps behind me. I’ve tried to turn around quickly, hoping to catch a glimpse of his paw, or scruff of his fur, but they are only shadows, I guess. I’d better put “2” as the number of campers on the fee envelope, just to be sure…..


The information is both to be prepared, but to remember that the fire danger is Extreme! No Camping on undeveloped sites. Lucky for me that this is a developed site, which means that my Fantasy bucket and shovel can be placed back in the trunk once again.



Bear this, and Bear that. Black bears on the prowl, Black bears for President! Black bears are to be protected, which means that all of my food, toiletries, trash, etc. everything that has an odor, is to be placed in a “Bear Box” with a handle that defies even “Bear Logic”.


My Lord what a lot of Smelly things to have on this small trip! If Wonder Dog was here, he might just suggest that my Smelly Socks should also be placed in this Bear-proof box, and perhaps my Smelly Feet as well! I admit to looking forward to a warm bath and a nice bed, but these things are not possible as yet, and besides, who would complain about me, but me?

Bear or Bear Not? I welcome my furry friends, if they choose to wander on by, but be warned that my Smelly Stuff is not to be trifled with! Added to that is the $5000 fine for food or Smelly things not being in their box, if a Forest Ranger type of person catches you in the act of Tempting Bears with Obviously Smelly Stuff, not being properly stored!

Welcome All Bears…………………..


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