3/10 of a Mile

Six of one, or half a dozen of another. Between a rock and a hard place. Have a good one. Have a nice day. Paper or plastic. Debit or Credit? Thank you, call again.

I sometimes wish, I were an American once again. I really don’t feel like one while visiting my home State, as the Danish influence has affected my mind and my ways of being. Converting from Dollars to Danish Kroner, and from Kilometers to Miles is something that everyone should try at some time in their lives. My current problem doesn’t concern those things, but rather in the many choices that present themselves to me while shopping or ordering food in the Golden State.

I have had some difficulties filling up the gas tank, because the choices are more numerous than in Denmark. Credit or Debit? This has to do with using a Pin-code, or signing my name? When I was at the bank, I was asked a third question, “withdrawl of cash from Checking Account?” I don’t have a Checking Account, nor do I have a Credit Account. If I choose Debit, I am asked for my Zip Code of 5-digits, but in Denmark there are only 4! An advertisement runs on the pump, on a small screen asking me to wait until the current ads are done with, until it offers me a choice that doesn’t suit my needs anyway!

The woman inside accompanies me out to the pump, but cannot get anywhere either. My options then become Cash, or having a Hold put on an amount, which is attained by guessing the amount of Gasoline, then reserving that amount on my Credit Card, until tomorrow, then only taking the actual amount that I just filled up. I drove away in the thought that I now possessed a full tank of gas, but which might have costed me more money, being the distrustful foreigner that everyone surly expects me to be.


What does this have to do with 3/10 of a mile, you might ask?

Well, in the small town of Lee Vining in the Eastern Sierra, I asked where the Tourist Information was located. The employee of the Service Station replied as accurately as possible, that it was located to the right, back towards town, at 3/10 of a mile away. I could only thank him for this information, but began to convert from miles to kilometers, then fractions of miles to meters, wondering why a mile of 5,280 feet would have to be 528 feet times 3 = which would give me the true amount of feet, then converted to meters, which would have set my mind more at ease. I forgot that the car was built to register 10ths of miles, which would have helped me, if I hadn’t been lost in my conversion thoughts and almost drove past the 3/10 mile Visitor Center on the right side of the road!

All tanked up and nowhere to go! That is my current state of affairs, but tomorrow I’ll have to change, and set my sights in the direction of Yosemite National Park. I’d like to think of Granite Walls and Native Plants, but I might just fall into the same hole of converting and laughing about the craziness of how many parts of a mile, I just missed out on, because I was trying to drive the speed limit, which seems to change as much as the wind.

Paper or plastic was the Karma of the past, with most stores only offering plastic bags at the checkout counter. It doesn’t really matter, as long as I have a Good One, and figure out once and for all if I’m going to be happiest with Debit, or Credit!


Traveling in California!


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