Good By God, I’m Going to……

Where have I gotten to? Oh yes, Journeying in California.

I’ve seen thing that would make the hair on your toes curl, and not just the Hobbits in the audience, but the rest of you as well.

I am not only on a journey down my Inner Ear, but of time and memories forgotten, of Interstate highway 395 cutting a path through the High Basin Desert of Eastern California, and the heat and all, surrounded by my Countrymen, The Americans!

Sometimes I feel the distance between us, me living in Denmark for so many years, while my Home Country has been moving on without me. It seems like the cars have gotten bigger, the RV’s longer and the prices more expensive, but then I do need to get used to a lot of things within 3 weeks!


A little bit farther away, and I’d be in the State of Nevada, but let us not jump the gun on that one!

Where was I? Visiting a real Ghost Town named Bodie.

Goodbye God, I’m going to Bodie, or Good by God, I’m going to Bodie….

Only 5% of Bodie remains, and that is due to the last owner’s practice of posting armed guards around the remains of the town, protecting it from looters and vandals. The State of California acquired the area and turned it into a California Historical Landmark (and National Historical Landmark).

Here is the wiki:,_California

It is far away from any kind of civilization that you might call as such, and is perfect in its desert-like setting, with dry creeks, a cemetery and a lot of “arrested decay”.

I’ve been here before, but I can’t say that it has changed all that much, and that is a good thing. The wind whistles through its streets, and the dust settles on my footprints, giving it the same impression that it had, before I visited it.

Some things never change.


Don’t remove anything. Take only photos. Protect our heritage.

I was really beginning to get back to my “roots”, and began to feel as if I never set sail for the Old Country of Denmark, and turned my back, as it were, on this beautiful part of California.


Lots of textures to photograph here. Old bricks and bottles. Door knobs and wood graom. A photographer’s paradise.

Goodbye God, I’m going to Bodie!, or Good by God! I’m going to Bodie…. – which one fits best? You decide.

Alas, I had to leave paradise, before I was banished from it, but not because I had any apples in my car…….


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