Big Pickups, Love My Guns, Waving in Nevada

I’ve been away from the Western US for a number of years, and amazingly in that amount of time, I’ve gotten a bit older and a bit wiser? OK perhaps not the wiser part, but definitely older, let me tell you.

A neighbor of mind back in Denmark turned 40 a few years back. She was concerned at the big change from being 39, and now 40, but I just told her that when she was born, I had just gotten my Driver’s License in California, which was to say that her age wasn’t anything at all! It didn’t make me feel any younger, but hey, I’m still alive, aren’t I!

Traveling through Los Angeles showed me that age and Big Cities don’t mix well. The cars were faster and the roads more numerous. Interstate highways, freeways, surface streets, construction zones, gaps in my memory, wait a minute.Gaps in my memory should not be in that list, but they are! I left LA with the impression that time had passed me by and perhaps, I had lived in that foreign country a few too many years?

No matter. Now I’m moving up the Eastern side of California with my destination now being the Great State of Nevada. Nevada known by its casinos, sagebrush, Los Vegas and Reno, and, and, and.

I was amazed by the growth in the small town that I once lived in, named Gardnerville. It, like other cities, grows both inside and out, surpassing its boundaries, making new boundaries all the time. New buildings, new faces, new residents. My memories are fresh, but no one here remembers me anymore, so I’ll just be on my way up Highway 395, now in Nevada, but at my same steady pace.

The Pickup Trucks are wider and taller now. Most of them with the American Flag decorating the back end. Some on the back windows. Some Foreign Trucks, but with American Flags all the same, showing that even Toyotas are Tried and True American!

Gun Stores are plentiful. They don’t exist in Denmark. I know, I know. No guns in Denmark? Well, only for hunting and only after taking the required course, and only owing a hunting rifle. What no AK47s? Hey, if you want to kill your mother in-law, you can still throw her off a 5-story building! No skyscrapers exist in Copenhagen. No guns, and no attack assault rifles. But enough of that, as I am in Nevada, where Guns are God and I am just a wrong type of disciple.

A fellow Nevadan is about to pass me. He waves out of the window in a friendly way. Or not. He is giving me the finger – Nevada Style. I guess, I should be upset and try to harass him a bit, in my old Danish ways! But he did have that Gun Rack in his window, and the American Flag on the back of the Pick-up,  and the right to own arms including AK47s to keep his home and country safe.

I’ll just keep to the Speed Limit, and follow the signs back towards California……….


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