Books and Traveling

I feel as if I’ve existed in a vacuum of sorts, when I speak to others about books. It might be likened to my knowledge of recent films, which for me would include those from 25 years ago to now.

When I was in LA, an old friend of mine asked if I had read any Tom Clancy novels? No, I hadn’t. Well he tells me of one where the President of the US is killed and a fellow, who wasn’t even planning on being in a position of power is elevated to the job as president.

This re-telling has to do with the upcoming Presidential Election and how he thought that if this particular, controversial candidate did the same as in the novels, then the country might be better off financially.

You might notice that I am not naming names, because living in Denmark, has dulled my senses in regards to US Politics. It does, however, show me that I am rather out of touch in reading contemporary novels.

My sister, on the other hand, prefers the dark Scandinavian novels. Funny how I live in Scandinavia, and don’t read those things? Henning Mankell wrote a series of books called Wallander, who is a policeman in Sweden. I must profess to only have seen the TV-series of the same name, chiefly in the original Swedish with Danish Subtitles. Another sign of my ignorance as compared to my American counterparts.

I made my careful selection of 4 books to take with me on my trip. Three of them were reference books, while the last one was a novel.

  1. Native Plants of the Sierra Nevada
  2. Natural History of the Sierra Nevada
  3. French-English Dictionary
  4. Harry Potter. Book 1 in French

You might recognize a common theme in the above list, at least if you consider books 1 and 2, then books 3 and 4?

I’ll admit to only have read number 1, but number 4 has been a subject of conversation as well.

I used to be a voracious reader when I was younger. I also read 50+ books in Danish when I was learning that language, so many years ago, but I can’t really profess to have followed with the times.

The Internet has been my prime source of information both in Denmark, and now on my travels in California. I haven’t even purchased a map of California, because using Google Maps and my memory, I’ve been able to make my way to my Sister’s house without any difficulties whatsoever.

Today, however, I plan on visiting a local bookstore, selling used books.

I might just end up filling up my suitcase with a lot of that knowledge, that I’ve missed out on through these many years of being away from books in my native language?

Just think how I could broaden my horizons, catching up with the rest of the world’s readers in the comfort of my Danish home!

I might also just opt for a fresher edition of:


The cover of my own copy, doesn’t look as good as this one, anyway……


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