Vending Machines in the USA

I feel like I’ve died and gone to Silicone Heaven. It’s just that I’m still in California, but hey, it feels different than Denmark, so it must be heaven!

Today I went shopping in the Foothills, and my excitement knew no boundaries here as well. I found things that would make you call up Cheapoair and order tickets to this State among States, this heaven of Fallen Angels. I’m here and that is living proof of the miracle that occurs in this part of the United States every day. It might almost count as a religious experience, but that might be frowned upon by some, but heralded by others. It’s not always easy knowing if I am a prophet or heretic?


My goodness, if I could tell about all of the Doritos Chips that I ate when I was young, growing up in Los Angeles, we could probably tell tall tales until the wee hours of the night! I lived and breathed Doritos, and that might just explain my love of the newly found Doritos Vending Machine Heaven, I found today in the town of Folsom, California.

My iPhone 4s 16 was snapping photos faster than a California Highway Patrolman on Highway 50 could drive, which made my mouth water for a soft drink of some sort!

Lucky for me there was another machine nearby:


Credit or cash! Let me tell you, my belly button was puckering in and out at this point in time, which usually is a sign of something exciting!

If I didn’t feel like that was enough, there still was one more choice, that I couldn’t refuse:


Can you feel it? Can you feel the vibrations? It’s not just me, I’m sure of it, and there haven’t been any reports of Earthquakes today?

My Goodness, I can’t write anymore, or the coke in my hand, and the m&ms on the table, might just melt into my Doritos……..

Wow, how I love this Country!


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